What is the CIH Exam? Why take it?

The CIH exam stands for the Certified Industrial Hygienist Examination.  It is the highest-level industrial hygiene test that professionals must pass to receive the designation of Certified Industrial Hygienist or CIH.

There are many reasons to consider getting your CIH.  For many individuals, it is the culmination of years of study, and it represents a mastery level understanding of industrial hygiene.  For many others, the CIH designation can be a means to a better job or career advancement, which is especially true for consultants.  Many potential clients may be looking specifically for a “certified” industrial hygienist to complete a project.  This certification can be very valuable to your clients if they are ever involved in a legal proceeding and the company has made decisions based on your work or recommendations.

For industrial hygienists working in fields other than consulting, the CIH designation can provide your company with a valuable internal resource.  Having an in-house CIH can save a company thousands of dollars in consulting costs and can ensure all IH work is reviewed or completed by a board certified industrial hygienist.

The exam is comprised of one hundred questions that cover three general domains and an array of topics from sixteen categories.  Domains covered on the exam include I) Exposure Assessment Principles and Practices, II) Control Selection, Implementation, and Validation and III) Risk Management.  The individual rubric categories tested are:

1)   Air Sampling and Instrumentation

2)   Analytical Chemistry

3)   Basic Science

4)   Biohazards

5)   Biostatistics & Epidemiology

6)   Community Exposure

7)   Engineering Controls/Ventilation

8)   Ergonomics

9)   Health Risk Analysis & Hazard Communication

10)  IH Program Management

11)  Noise

12)  Non-Engineering Controls

13)  Ionizing Radiation & Non-ionizing Radiation

14)  Thermal Stressors

15)  Toxicology

16)  Work Environments & Industrial Processes

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