Preparation for Occupational Health and Safety Exams

In today’s competitive job market, nearly everyone is looking for ways to boost their resume or stand out. In the field of occupational health and safety, a professional certification is a great way to do this.

Tectonic EHS is designed for EHS professionals preparing for professional certification.  The site focuses primarily on the CIH, CSP, and ASP exams although this information may be of use to individuals sitting for other exams as well.

As you begin your preparation to sit for any of these exams, you will have a variety of questions from how to best prepare, to what you should expect test format to look like; you may even be looking for recommendations on study material.  Tectonic EHS will provide you with the information and preparation material you are looking for!

If you have made the decision to sit for a professional CIH, CSP, or ASP exam, then you have come to the right site!  If you are still unsure if professional certification is right for you, a few minutes on will help you to see the  many benefits that come with being certified.

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