CSP/ASP Exam Preparation

Both the ASP and CSP exams can be challenging. The following resources should significantly raise your confidence and make test day a walk in the safety approved park.

Comprehensive Online ASP/CSP Prep Course

Picture 1Our comprehensive course covers material you will be tested on for both the ASP and CSP exams. It is taught entirely online and you will have the opportunity to interact with the instructor. All lectures are recorded and will be made available to you. This is ideal for those that prefer to learn at their own pace or for those that might need to miss a class. Sign up today!


Datachem Exam Prep Software

Asp_CSP_200Datachem’s computer based training software is one of the best interactive software tools you can use to prepare for the CSP and ASP exams. You can purchase the CSP and ASP exam prep software separately, or purchase them together to maximize your value. The CSP prep software offers nearly 2200 questions. The ASP prep software offers over 1600 questions. Both come with answers and explanations for every question. Learn more about Datachem software and choose which software package you would most benefit from here.

Free ASP/CSP Exam Questions

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