Certified Safety Professional Exam. Will getting your CSP make a difference?

Individuals working in the field of Safety can have a variety of titles from Safety Specialist to Safety Engineer.  All of us that work in Safety understand that our role is to ensure the safety and health of those employees that we are responsible for; which is often a daunting task.

So does having your CSP really make a difference?  Having your CSP shows that you have demonstrated competence in the core safety areas.  As you prepare for the CSP exam, you will be required to broaden your safety knowledge and expand your learning.  As you do this, you will gain experience and greater understanding of safety and in turn you will become a better safety professional.

Having a CSP can also be useful to increase your personal credibility as a safety professional.  The CSP designation can be the difference between having your resume passed over and getting a job.  In recent years, the majority of companies looking to hire a safety professional are looking for those individuals that hold the CSP (or ASP) certification.  It seems that there are more companies looking for CSPs than there are CSPs to go around.  This is great news for the serious safety professional!  If you have been thinking about getting your CSP, now is the time to put those thoughts into action.  Tectonic EHS will provide you with the information and resources you need to prepare for and pass the Certified Safety Professional Exam (CSP) or the Associate Safety Professional Exam (ASP).

The test will be a challenge, but it will be worth it!

Photo by Vince Moreau

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